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Featuring: 4 Year Old Preschool

Otsego Christian School has been providing quality preschool experiences to children in the Gaylord area for over 30 years.We are an independent, interdenominational Christian School that combines interactive play and social time with the highest quality, PROVEN Christian preschool instructional materials.

Meet Mrs. Schatz:

"My name is Jackie Schatz and I have been married to my husband, Mick, for 23 years. We have three beautiful children, Julia is 21, Noah is 20, and Emily is 16. I have been teaching for 20 years now and this is my 2nd year as the K4 teacher here at OCS! I believe in creating a learning atmosphere that is creative and allows each child to learn in a safe place where they are allowed to be who God created them to be. I enjoy integrating thematic units into the curriculum. One of the things my students really enjoy is being the “Star Student” of the week. I allow each child to choose which week they want based on the theme they are interested in. This week they get to choose books, crafts, science project , or a special snack that they would like to share with the class. I love seeing each child gain self confidence in speaking to the class and this also allows for parent involvement in the classroom. I believe this is a great way to make learning fun and engaging."

What Parents are saying about K4:

"Mrs. Schatz and Mrs. Green are very kind - you can see they love their work through the children they teach because the children Love them!"

-Jordan Fifelski

"I love how my child comes home each day so excited about the work she has done and the growing she has done, all because of OCS. Arya's favorite day is Chapel Day and Treasure Box Day!"

-Crystal Glanert

When considering her favorite thing about OCS, Heather said, "How they have and teach the values that everyone should learn and live by. Teach & Preach The Bible. And they say the pledges!"

-Heather Weber

When considering her favorite thing about K4, Tiffany said, "The dedication and attention the students receive so they can be successful."

-Tiffany Weber


Preschool is a ton of fun in Mrs. Schatz's class but don't forget that our students are also working hard and preparing for kindergarten! What will your student learn in preschool?

Mrs. Schatz uses the Abeka Language Arts curriculum in K4. Abeka Books has been providing phonics-based preschool material since 1972. No system has a better track record for teaching reading than their phonics.

OCS Preschool Phonics program includes:

*Introduction to letters of the alphabet

*Introduction to letter sounds via Zoo Phonics

*Introduction to long and short vowel sounds that provides the foundation of k-3 reading curriculum.


Preschool students recognize and form both upper and lowercase letters with an introduction to letter spacing and proper handwriting grasp.


Proven, traditional (Non-Common Core) Abeka math curriculum includes introduction to basic math concepts and recognizing and printing numbers 1-10.


Positive Action bible curriculum includes well-loved bible stories. In two years at OCS preschool, our students memorize over 40 bible verses. Students recite these verses at weekly chapel and special school events.

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