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Why Choose Otsego Christian School?

Gaylord is a community with good public and Christian schools, so what makes OCS an ideal choice for your child's preschool through 8th grade education?  INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION - through our smaller class sizes (typically 10-12 students), our teachers can meet your child where they are and specialize instruction as necessary.  This results in SOLID ACADEMICS through high proficiency in READING and MATH for each grade level. Parents often tell us that we offer a FAMILY ATMOSPHERE because our setting brings the individual attention that is so vital to the early elementary school years. 


We also offer an alternative in that OCS will not participate in the controversial federal level initiatives known as Common Core or the equally divisive standardized testing focus currently being forced upon our public schools.  With our students, we are focused on teaching and learning --including the principles of God's Word--  instead of testing and conforming to government mandates.

Through it all, we are a Christian ministry where our classrooms operate through the lens of a BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW. As Gaylord's only non-denominational Christian school, we stand ready to welcome your students into our family.

Small classes mean lots of individual attention

Christian education is an amazing opportunity to give our students the foundation to become Salt and Light in our public schools and our community at large.


In choosing OCS for your child's preschool and elementary education, you are giving your student a foundation for their future learning. Small class sizes provide for levels of individual attention that are not available in traditional schools, and our early childhood emphasis on reading and math proficiency will ensure your child has what is necessary for future learning. The family atmosphere cultivated in small classrooms is another integral aspect of the educational process, and only a Christian school can keep it all focused through the lens of a distinctly Christian worldview.


In choosing to send your child to Otsego Christian School, you are making an investment in their future AND the future of this community. Students who are literate, well-behaved, reliable, and rooted in biblical principles are well on their way to a bright future. For more information, call us for an appointment to visit our school;  let's talk about how you can experience the

Otsego Christian difference.

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